As with any other industry, it’s unavoidable to have unscrupulous individuals take advantage of clueless clients with dishonest deals and shady contracts. Some roofing companies, unfortunately, are no exception. Just when you thought you’re already well aware of the most popular scams, these fraudulent roofers invent new tactics and find new victims.

As one of the most reputable and affordable roofing contractors on Oahu, let our professionals at A.L. Roofing & Rain gutters help you uncover some of the newer ways roof scammers take advantage of homeowners so you can avoid falling for them.

Door-to-Door Salesman

The scenario sounds innocent enough. A salesman rings your door and tells you he noticed your home is in dire need of some roof repairs. As luck would have it, his people are just around the corner and they’ll be more than happy to take care of your roof if you sign up today. To sweeten the deal further, he gives you a temptingly low estimate, but on one condition: you have to pay the down payment today. Asking for money upfront should be a huge red flag. If you decide to sign up for this salesman’s service, you’ll never see that down payment again.

Storm Chasers

You’ll find plenty of storm chasers roaming about after a storm. Their most common tactic is to offer a free roof inspection. Once you agree, they’ll go through the motions of checking your roof for any storm-related damage. The real surprise is when they report back to you what they’ve found. They’ll often enumerate an exaggerated list of all sorts of problems they found on your roof and more or less coerce you into signing up for their suddenly expensive services.

Extremely Affordable Quotes

When you’re considering getting a roof replacement, it’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes from several roofing companies. This allows you to compare products and services in detail and helps you find a deal that fits both your needs and your budget. If you do this, however, beware of companies that offer extremely low estimates because nine times out of ten, these are unlicensed roofing crews who are not able to offer the (30) manufactures warranty or labor warranty of (7) years.  They often times will re-shingle a roof that has reached failure without removing all the old material, thus causing you more problems in the future.

At  A.L Roofing & Rain gutters, we are your leading provider of roofing services you can trust. Avoid these common roofing scams and give us a call at (808) 308-0227. You can also fill out our online contact form to request a free estimate today. We serve clients in all of Oahu.