Low-slope commercial roofs seem to always be gambling against nature. These economical building solutions tempt rainwater to stay put, resisting gravity’s urge to run downhill. This happens so often, most people think of low-slope roofs as flat roofs, and call them that as a kind of shorthand. Flat roofs and rain, it seems, go hand in hand. Together they also lead to three problem areas for a commercial building manager to monitor.


Across wide expanses of low-slope roofing, natural deflection in steel or wood supporting pieces within the roof deck can cause ponding. Ponding could just as well be called “tiny lake syndrome” or “the ala wai canal” but it simply means depressed areas of your flat roof that tend to hold water after heavy rains.

Unfortunately, ponding becomes a self-worsening cycle. Even a small volume of water will compress rooftop insulation. The compressed insulation makes for a deeper, wider depression. The next heavy rain leaves a larger puddle, until a pond, lake, or vast flat roof sea has formed.

You can prevent ponding for your property by working with a local, trustworthy roofer to develop a roof preservation plan. Annual inspections, fast roof repair, and regular maintenance can go a long way toward preserving insulation at proper taper and thickness.

Drains and Scuppers

Internal drains and parapet scuppers are prone to getting debris that clogs strainers and blocks openings. Once the water flow stops, deterioration and rot around the fixtures is, unhappily, common.

Particularly worrisome for property managers is inadequate sealing around these wet areas. Water infiltration is a likely outcome if you do not have your commercial roofer reseal the flashing and seams around drains and scuppers.

HVAC Curbs

Just about anything that mechanically attaches to your company’s roof can become a problem in heavy rain. HVAC curbs and rooftop evaporative coolers are prone to gradually open up the holes through membrane or BUR and leave oblong holes, allowing water infiltration.

Your friendly commercial roofing company can prevent these areas from becoming problems by sealing the areas around mechanical fasteners. Careful roof monitoring of likely trouble spots can counteract any effects from heavy rain.

A quick call to PSI Roofing, or by contacting us online, can get you started on a rainy season that leaves you delightfully high and dry. We know where to look for water problems, and we have the experience, training, and tools to prevent them.

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He was responsive, kind and very knowledgeable. Super easy to work with and wonderfully communicative about all aspects of the job.

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I was definitely putting off dealing with my aging roof for a while, but after some of those flash floods we had a few months back I knew I had to at least look into it. A client of mine referred me to AL Roofing, and Nick made this an extremely smooth process. I one wants to deal with things until it breaks like on their cars...

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Called Nick for a gutter estimate, showed up on time, measured and provided an estimate within a day. We chose to work with AL and they had the build scheduled that same weekend! Amazing service, follow through and great follow up.

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AL Roofing delivered everything as promised. Very happy we worked with Nick and his team, they finished our roof in 2 days and the price was more than fair.

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AL Roofing patched a section of our older roof that was failing after recent heavy rains. Communication with Nick was excellent from start to finish, crew was on time and professional, price was fair and very reasonable compared to other estimates, work was completed within a week of providing the quote, and quality of work seems to be great so far - no more leaks!

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I had a great experience working with Nick at AL Roofing. Nick was quick to answer all my questions and concerns, and was able to get me an entire roof replacement with my insurance company!

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We just had our roof redone by this company, and I have to say I was very pleased by their work ethic, professionalism and care for our home... I appreciate good, efficient and quality work, and this company seemed to carry these attributes with them.

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They were referred to us by a family member who was very happy with their roof replacement by this company... We were very impressed with his knowledge and how he explained what our options were and patiently answered all our questions... The price was very reasonable too.

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AL Roofing and RainGutters recently did an outstanding job in installing a new gutter system for my house. Nick and his team were very professional and friendly during the whole process. He was also very responsive to any follow ups or questions that I had.

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Al Roofing did an amazing job on our gutters. Fast Quote; fast, reliable service; they fixed a problem caused by a roof design of a previous roofer. Team is very knowledgeable.

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We just had our very old, multi-layered roof replaced. The job was completed in two days because there were many layers of old roof to remove. The crew was efficient and pleasant. Erwin who was in charge of the work was very accommodating.

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I was very happy and thankful for the service they provided. They change my roof in just one day and very satisfied of the final outcome. They will keep you informed on what needs to be done and answer all the questions in regards to their services.